Variable air-flow rate units

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The CL-VCL series of variable airflow regulators are terminal regulation units for the air flow. The units have high quality silencers for use in single duct systems with a working range between 20 and 1500Pa.
These regulators are used to control and maintain the air quantity in variable air flow systems. The complete closure has been tested on the basis of EN 1751-EN 1886 norms.

Technical data

The CL-VCL type regulators are composed from:

  •  galvanized steel casing with perforated lugs fixing by drop rod or wire
  • circular entry hole on high velocity side with measuring probe for dynamic Δp for measuring and maintaining the air flow in relation to the required levels
  • rectangular exit on low velocity side
  • silencer section with Venturi tube with noise reducing material in rock wool covered with black velovetro , with fire class M0, available with both single and double isolation and internal protection net
  • circular regulation damper in galvanized steel with air tight seals
  • aligned motorized regulator for regulating and controlling the air flow

When ordering, the maximum and minimum air flow values must be indicated to correctly calibrate the regulator


CL-VCL Series


Optional: internal cover with micro-stretched mesh to protect the sound-absorbing material

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