Aluminium grilles

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The UF Series units are supply grilles with fixed blades. They are used for supply on walls and on ceiling, on fancoil or on cover-cabinet of air convectors. They can be also used on the wall near to the floor when it is required the lasting of aestethic and the continuous air-intake in wide rooms.

Technical data

  • Standard dimensions from 300x75 up to 1.000x300 mm
  • Practicable special dimensions on demand up to 2.000x600 mm in unique piece
  • Practicable special dimensions for length superior to 2 m by composition
  • Anodized aluminium standard construction
  • RAL 9010 painted aluminium construction on demand
  • Fixed blades with 12,5 mm pitch, symmetrical profile (UF0) or 15° degree inclined (UF1)
  • Series variants:
    • Mod. UF 0/1 : grille without frame 0°/15° inclined blades
    • Mod. UF 0/1 A : grille with standard frame and 0°/15° inclined blades
    • Mod. UF 0/1 B : grille with fl at frame and 0°/15° inclined blades
    • Mod. UF 0/1 AH : grille with 0°/15° inclined fixed blades and second series of adjustable blades
    • Mod. UF P1 : grille with frame and grilled door
    • Mod. UF P2 : grille with frame and 2 grilled doors



UF Series