Ceiling diffusers

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The KNF diffuser supply / extraction presents an integrated solution for environments in which there is a significant change of air.
It incorporates in a single product supply, with a peripheral structure of four ways diffuser, and the extraction of air through the perforated central panel. the horizontal air throw from the slots creates a suction effect toward the panel perforated central facilitating the exchange of air, and avoiding the risk of short-circuiting of the supply directly in extraction.

Technical data

  • Easy to install in modular ceilings (595x595 or 670x670)
  • Installation height from 2.4 to 4m
  • Air flow rate from 150 to 1,100 m³/h
  • Made in aluminum profiles and steel perforated panel for the return, painted RAL 9010
  • Configuration with one, two or three slots according to the airflow rate
  • Central part removable to simplify the connection to the plenum
  • Double plenum for the supply /extraction (circular shape of the internal part for improve the air distribution inside)
  • Lower pressure drop and the noise level
  • Possiblity to insulate the plenums (supply or/and extraction) and to mount on the return a filter G3



KNF Series

Accessories: Plenum