Overpressure dampers

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The WCS Series dampers are ducts aluminium overpressure dampers fixed through movable horizontal elements. They find their application in all those cases where it is necessary to insert a duct disposal to prevent from flow inversions or to close the section in absence of air passage for simple gravity. The WCS Series dampers are studied to be installed together with the GI Series grille 50 pitch.

Technical data

  • Extruded aluminium damper frame 125 mm width
  • Duct flanges frame 30 mm
  • Maximum and minimal dimensions 300x210 and 1.600x1.010 mm
  • Aluminium blades with 50 mm wheelbase for H less than 600 mm and 100 mm for H more than 600 mm
  • Noiseproof gasket on blades available on demand
  • Assembling of aluminium grille GI Series 50 pitch on demand


WCS Series


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