Variable air-flow rate units

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Variable air flow controllers series CL-VCD are air flow regulation units that allow the mixing of hot and cold primary air to obtain the ideal temperature of the air supplied maintaining the continuous control of the air quality in variable air flow systems.
The complete closure is certified according to EN 1751-EN 1886 standards.

Technical data

The double duct controller units type CL-VCD include:

  • galvanized steel casing with base supports for fitting on site using hanging ties
  • circular connection for cold air with dynamic Δp probe driven by an electrical motor for measuring and regulation in relation to the requirement of the room itself
  • circular connection with damper driven by electrical regulation motor for the regulation and maintenance of the air flow in relation to the requirement of the room itself
  • rectangular exit on the low speed side with dynamic Δp probe for measuring the total supplied air flow
  • silencer section with sound absorbing rock wool material, covered with a black protective film, resistant to fire, class M0


CL-VCD Series


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