Volume control shut-off damper

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The regulation dampers (DIN 1946/4) are used in ventilation systems for the exclusion of particular areas.

Technical data

  • Frame in galvanised steel sheet Z275, 1,5mm thick
  • Tubular blades with special profile for the insertion of the internal frame also in galvanised steel sheet but 0,8+0,8mm thick
  • Blade weight 200 mm
  • External hinges for the damper regulation
  • Bronze ringlets
  • Command hinge ø18 mm
  • Lateral fixing with stainless steel blades on each large blade
  • Pressure loss test done following ISO 7244 regulations at the Giordano Institute (Test report N.136363)
  • Generated noise levels test done following UNI EN 25135 regulations carried out at the Giordano Institute (Test report N.148829)
  • Closing/Cut off Test DIN 1946/4 done again at the Giordano Institute (Test report N.147646)


CL-SRR Series



Pressure loss and generate noise

Angle closure (0°=Open damper)

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