Jet diffusers

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The KVL series units are high-induction nozzle diffusers with adjustable throw direction. They differ from the series KV for the concentration of the throw given from the elongated mouth in place of the internal cone. This solution allows the installation of the regulation damper inside the diffuser and the creation of models with larger diameter output to the same external dimensions, thus considerably increasing the flow rate range manageable.

Technical data

  • Available diameters from 80 to 300mm
  • Finish in natural aluminium or painted RAL 9010
  • Height of installation between 2.8 and 30m
  • Air flows from 50 to 3.200 m³/h
  • Available with actuator supplied separately
  • Fixing by screws directly in front of the channel connecting
  • Accessories available for the KV diffusers, connection for the flexible duct (KV-RF), for the circular duct (KV-RC), coverscrew (KV-C) sliding damper double disc (KV-S) and swirl accessory (KV-T)



KVL Series