Ceiling diffusers

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The KPZ series units are circular diffusers, with a circular or square face, fixed geometry with sharp edge neck. These diffusers are fitted with a series of fixed radial blades obtained by moulding. They are suitable for both supply and extract air, provided that there are no special requirements in terms of discharge orientation or high temperature gradients.

Technical data

  • Available diameters from 125 to 400mm
  • Construction entirely in white RAL 9010 painted steel
  • Available in circular and square front construction
  • Available with 595x595 and 625x625 panel construction
  • Installation height between 2.7 and 5.1m
  • Air flow rates from 50 to 900 m³/h
  • Fixing by central screw with white screw cap
  • Galvanised steel plenum with or without damper, equaliser and insulation
  • Butterfly damper, capturing damper and fixing collar available as accessories



KPZ Series


Accessories: Plenum