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The CF-UQ series of egg crate diffusers have been specifically designed to be used within modular ceilings and have a particular thin frame that once installed becomes invisible. This pecific geometry allows to obtain very high values of free space for the air slow therefore reducing the air flow losses almost to a minimum.
The CF-UQ egg crate diffusers are available in two versions: A versions with a straight mesh for a vertical through used in air extraction. A versions with an angled mesh wit for a 45° air flow. This version obstructs the view to the inside of the plenum box once the diffuser is installed in the modular ceiling.

Technical data

  • Aluminium press-bent frame, 10mm wide.
  • Egg crate mesh with 15mm pitch
  • A version with an angled mesh with for a 45° air
  • RAL 9010 paint finish


CF-UQ Series


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