Overpressure dampers

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The WS Series dampers are aluminium overpressure dampers to be fixed on the wall by movable horizontal elements which can have both outward opening for ejection (WSE) and inward opening for aspiration (WSI). They are used to keep an over- or underpressure difference between two rooms or between the internal and external enviroment. They can also be supplied with UR Series recovery net already installed. Where the eggcrate grille is required, it will be supplied but only for the ejection model. In the aspiration model, the grid is replaced with a UQ Series egg-crate grille.

Technical data

  • Anodized aluminium damper frame and UR or UQ grilles
  • Frame width 25 mm
  • Maximum and minimal dimensions 200x200 and 800x600 mm
  • Aluminium blades with wheelbase 50 mm
  • Noise proof gasket on blades available on demand
  • Fixing through counterframe or screws


WS Series


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