Costant air-flow rate units

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The AT-KVR-R are round air flow regulation units made in PVC, with fire class M1. They are used to supply a constant air flow regardless of the pressure variation in the air duct. Due to the simple mechanical regulation, power supply is not required.

Technical data

  • Available diameter from 80 up to 250 mm
  • Air flow adjustable during installation
  • Unit supplied at maximum air flow position
  • Valve in PVC
  • Casing in PVC (diemeters 80 an 100) or in steel
  • Mechanical regulation independent from external power supply
  • Constant air flow guaranteed for working pressure between 50 e 200 Pa
  • Maximum working temperature +60 °C


AT-KVR-R Series
  1. Sleave with lip seal
  2. Side of inlet air
  3. Regulator casing
  4. Piece of regulation
  5. Air flow setting
  6. Screw to fit the air flow






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