Grilles accessories and plenums

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The UTC series of steel mounting frames make up a robust fixing base for the clips used on both supply and extraction grilles. They are used when a frequent removal of the grille is expected, for regular duct maintenance, inspection, filter change or other.
The UTC mounting frames can be installed both onto sides on steel ducts and on masonry walls. For this they are built with lifting tabs for fixing with the wall’s fixing agent and a frame, that will eventually be completely hidden from the visible frame of the grille, when using screws or rivets for fixing to the duct wall.

Technical data

  • Construction of galvanized carbon assembly of the 4 part without the use of tools
  • The elements are fully interchangeable, the type of connection system used avoids the need of distinguishing between horizontal
  • UTC are supplied unassembled and the complete interchange characteristics allow for an easy management of stock levels
  • The space for the mounting frame requires an extra 5mm in relation to the nominal dimensions of the grille


UTC Series

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