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USP series filter holder grilles for counterceiling, are used for air intake, allow the replacement of the filter by using a "push-pull" closing mechanism.
The combination hinges and the ‘push-pull’ devise, all hidden from view, allows the filter to be changed without the use of tools.
The standard area of use of these diffusers is between 2.6 m and 4 m in height.

Technical data

  • Anodized aluminium frame construction or white RAL 9010 (onlu RAL 9010 for US-L)
  • Flat filter 15 mm thickness mod. FP15 aside supplied
  • Avaiable versions:
    • USP-R screen with inclined fins in aluminium:
    • USP-Q0 screen with square mesh in aluminium
    • USP-Q4 screen with angled square mesh in aluminium
    • USP-L screen with perforated sheet steel


USP Series

(*) Only versions USP-Q0 and USPQ4 screen with square mesh in aluminium



MATERIALS : The plenum is manufactured from galvanized sheet steel, external insulation has fire reaction class 1.

MOUNTING OF PLENUM : The plenums are fixed and adjusted to the ceiling by threaded bars, putted into suitable supports.

MOUNTING OF THE GRILLE: The grilles are attached to the plenum with rivets or screws with a maximum length 7mm, directly between the neck of the diffuser and plenum. Ensure that the rivets or screws will not hinder the opening of the grid, in particular on the plenum near the axis of rotation, Ensure that the rivets or screws do not show sharp spikes or dangerous parts when changing the filter, if necessary protect them with suitable rubber caps.


Air-flow rate

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