Ceiling diffusers

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The US Series units are filterholder grilles apt for all applications where are required 595x595 dimensions both for wall and mainly for ceiling. The filterholder grille is supplied with filter on demand.

Technical data

  • Standard dimensions 595x595 mm
  • Anodized aluminium frame construction (US-R e US-Q) or white RAL 9010 (US-L)
  • Flat filter 495x495 with 15 mm thickness mod. FP15 aside supplied
  • Galvanized steel metalsheet counterframe for on wall or light structures installation

Available diffusers

  • mod. US-R UR Series aluminium extract grilles
  • mod. US-Q UQ Series steel squared mesh grille
  • mod. US-L RAL 9010 steel perforated metalsheet



US Series