Aluminium grilles
UR rigid filter

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The URC/n Series units are residential extract grilles with filterframe frame with 58° degree inclined fixed blades. They are generally used in wall aspiration.

Technical data

  • Standard sizes from 200x150 mm to 1.000x600
  • Special sizes available on request
  • Construction grill in silver anodized aluminum frame model RH and UQ of dual carriageway
  • Grid square mesh aluminum 13 mm pitch
  • Place the filter on the frame grid
  • Filter floor with galvanized steel frame comes apart (maximum thickness 15 mm)
  • Galvanized steel subframe
  • Joining the grid subframe with hinges, screws, magnets or knobs
  • Variants of series:
    • Model-URC1: Joining upper / lower clips
    • Model-UR12 and UQ12 Joining upper hinge, lower magnets
    • Model-UR13 and UQ13 Joining top hinge, bottom screws
    • Model-UR14 and UQ14: Joining upper hinges, knobs less



UR - with filter-holder frame - URC1

UR - with filter-holder frame - UR12
UR - with filter-holder frame - UR13
UR - with filter-holder frame - UR14


Air-flow rate

UR - with filter-holder frame

UR - with filter-holder frame

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