Aluminium grilles

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The UM Series units are supply single or double deflection grilles with totally adjustable blades. They are usually used in supply on wall.


Technical data

  • Standard dimensions from 200x100 up to 1.000x400 mm
  • Special dimensions on demand
  • Profiles in anodized silver aluminum construction
  • RAL 9010 painted aluminum construction on demand
  • Other RAL painting on demand
  • Single or double deflection blades pitch 20mm - horizontal or vertical frontal blades
  • Galvanized steel volume control damper with countermoving blades (SC)
  • Modular galvanized steel counterframe with walled iron beams (UTC)
  • Galvanized steel plenum with or without insulation (PP30 and PP40)
  • Clips fixing on the damper, counterframe and plenum fixing
  • Wall fixing by clips on counterframe or by screw on duct or on plenum


  • Steel Plenum PP30 and PP40
  • Counterframe UTC
  • Volume control damper SC