Aluminium grilles
UF6 – UF9

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The UF6 and UF9 linear grilles with fixed blades are used in the ventilation and air conditioning systems, both for ceiling and wall installation. They are suitable for floor mounting and for application on fan-coils as they are appropriate for both ventilation and extraction, it is possible to maintain the same structure for each application. Moreover, the possibility of composition for versions with non-removable blades, is another important characteristic that allows to obtain continuous air flow in large environments without changing the aesthetic figure.

Technical data

  • Fixed blades can have two different profiles: with 0°degree deflection or 15° degree deflection
  • This type of grille can be furnished with a second row of individually adjustable blades
  • The UF6 series grilles can have the row of fixed removable blades for inspection and cleaning

Possible dimensions

  • Base from 200mm up to 1500mm
  • Height from 50mm up to 400mm



UF6 UF9 Series

UF6_UF9 versions-1 UF6_UF9 versions-2 UF6_UF9 versions-3