Accessories and plenums

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The PPS Polystyrene Plenum Series are a new category of particulary light and easy to install Plenums, suppliable with already assembled or also with disassembled kit KQ1 or 4-way speaker with and without panel 600x600.

Technical data

  • 45 kg/m³ density PS expanded (PolySthyrene) material
  • Class 1 fire-reaction (UNI 8457 – UNI 9174)
  • Certification number DC01/378F05
  • Heat insulation characteristics inborned in the material
  • ABS RR10 Series regulation damper with RRS10 Series equalizer
  • Suppliable already assembled, with equalizer, with equalizer and diffuser
  • Suppliable disassembled kit without connection
  • ABS equalizer, screws, fittings separatly suppliable



PPS Series