Jet diffusers

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Test Method

The analysis of the aeraulic performances of the KV series diffusers have been carried out by means of a “virtual test laboratory”.

All the tests and the relative measurements have been conducted by means of an advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software.
This applies the method of the finished elements to the fluid dynamic for the analysis of speeds, air flow distribution and pressures losses.

The KV Series units are high induction diffusers nozzle with regulation of the throw direction. These diffusers are apt to sequency or battery assembling in all those cases there is considerable throw and where is necessary coming up to a good aesthetic moreover functional result.

Technical data

  • Available diameter from 40 up to 230 mm
  • Construction in natural aluminium or white painted RAL 9010
  • Installation height between 2,8 and 30 m
  • Air capacity from 10 up to 1.500 m3/h
  • Available version with servomotor supplied aside
  • Fixing by frontal screws directly on the duct connection
  • Available connections for flexible duct, circular duct and screw covers flanges
  • Version KV..F is a KV diffuser complete of connection for the flexible duct and covescrew – is not possible to be delivered without
  • Accessories available for the KV diffusers, connection for the flexible duct ( KV-RF), for the circular duct (KV-RC), coverscrew (KV-C) sliding damper double disc (KV-S) and swirl accessory (KV-T)


KV Series


Accessory: Connection for flexible duct


Accessory: Connection for circular duct


Accessory: screw cover flange



Air flow rate

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