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The KU5 CT Series units are circular diffusers with aluminium adjustable cones. These diffusers have a thermostatical regulation through shape-memory spring.
This special spring, sensitive to the temperature of the air supplied, automatically moves the internal cones from the summer to the winter configuration and vice versa without the need for manual intervention, without the use of servomotors and without the need of electrical supply.

Technical data

  • Available diameter from 160 up to 500mm
  • Aluminium white painted RAL 9010 construction
  • Regulation by shape-memory spring of the intermediate cones
  • Fixing by sideways screws directly on the duct connection or on the plenum

Summer Configuration

The summer configuration is obtained by lowering the internal cones.
It allows you to direct fresh air along the ceiling, preventing the triggering of annoying drafts. The fresh air flowing along the ceiling creates an effect of aspiration of the air present in the room which then mixes with the air introduced above the occupied area giving rise to the phenomenon known as induction.
The chromatic scale of the images allows you to appreciate how the air speed within the occupied area always remains below the 0.2m / s threshold.

Winter Configuration

The winter configuration is obtained by raising the internal cones.
It allows you to direct the hot air towards the lower part of the room thus avoiding that it “floats” on the cold air remaining outside the occupied area, giving rise to the phenomenon known as stratification.



KU5 CT Series

¹ also available with automatic regulation using thermostatic spring
² also available in fineline version
³ also available with segment damper

Accessories: Plenum