Ceiling diffusers

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The KU4 Series units are fixed cones circular diffusers. These diffusers are both apt to aspiration and supply for ceiling installation.

Technical data

  • Available diameters from 150 up to 300 mm
  • Aluminium white painted or aluminium anodized silver construction
  • Standard back side sealed gasket
  • Black PVC butterfly damper, included assembling bridge and screws
  • Installation height between 2,6 and 4,1 m
  • Air capacity from 90 up to 1.600 m3/h
  • Maximum temperature difference between air-intake and ambient ± 10 °C
  • Fixing by screws on the assembling bridge or directly on the plenum or to the ceiling
  • Available collars for flexible duct and assembling bridge


KU4 Series


Accessory: Fixing collar for flexible duct



Air flow rate


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