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KN squared

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The KN Series units are multidirectional squared diffusers with extractable cones. The costruction variants of the central body allow several throw configurations of the diffuser. They are used both in supply and extraction for ceiling installation. The removable central body makes easier the regulation of the volume control damper and it does not require counterframe installation.

Technical data

  • Available dimensions from 150x150 up to 600x600 mm
  • Wholly anodized silver aluminium construction
  • RAL 9010 painted aluminium construction on demand
  • Central body configuration with 1, 2 (opposite or on the edge), 3 and 4 ways
  • Installation height between 2,5 and 4,5 m
  • Air capacity from 100 up to 3550 m3/h
  • Fixing by sideway hidden screws fixed on to the diffuser collar and to the duct
  • TC4KN aluminium counterframe for spaced installation from the counterceiling
  • TC4KN available counterframe both silver anodized and white RAL 9010
  • Counterframe fixing by autothreaded screws on the counter-ceiling
  • Galvanized steel volume control damper with countermotion
  • Damper fixing directly on diffuser through clips
  • Galvanized steel Plenum with or without insulation



KN Series

KN - squared

KN - squared


Accessories: Plenum

KN - squared - Plenum