Linear diffusers

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The KLN series linear diffusers allow to manage high air flows with minimum pressure losses and generated noise power.
They allow to fully make us of the induction principle, guaranteeing optimum comfort conditions, no noticeable air currents and temperature uniformity, even in large areas by positioning the diffusers along the perimeter of the ceiling.
The big innovation on the KLN series is the double flow deflector system: for horizontal throw 2 settings are available and fully adjustable on constrcution site. The first setting allow supply air horizontally with a big ceiling effect, while the second setting still allow horizontal air supply but for biggest air flow and low pressure loss and noise level.

Technical data

  • Diffusers from 1 up to 6 slots
  • Length from 300mm up to 2000mm
  • Standard lengths from 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000mm
  • Available on request 90° angular, end caps, joints
  • Installation height between 2,6 and 6,0 m
  • Standard, fineline, fitted and with panel versions
  • Filter holder versions for air extraction
  • Installation of the diffusers in the plenum with innovative method Quick fix
  • Diffuser and deflectors in aluminum, plenum in galvanized sheet steel
  • Diffuser finish anodized or painted white RAL 9010
  • Deflectors finish anodized, painted white RAL 9010 or black painted



KLN High air flow


KLN High coanda effect


KLN Series


Accessories: Plenum