Smoke Extraction Fans
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AF3-RNGHT : Smoke exhaust ring axial fan according to EN 12101-3.


The fans of the AF3-RNGHT line have been designed to be employed in all the plants where it is prescribed the necessity to guarantee the smoke extraction in environments as car parks, commercial centers, hospitals, theatres, museums, buildings etc.
AF3-RNGHT fans have been designed and manufactured according to the European Directive EN 12101-3 obtaining the certification from an authorized autonomous certification body. This line is suitable to work in continuous at the temperature of 40°C and in case of emergency (fire) at the temperature of: 400°C for 120 minutes (F400).
This concept of double operation is exactly translated by the term “dual purpose” introduced in the specific by the EN 12101-3 norm.


This line consists of 9 sizes with impeller diameter from 400 up to 1000 mm.


Dimensions and Model