Smoke Extraction Fans
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AF3-JPCHT: Centrifugal fan for parking systems according to EN 12101-3 (tested 300°C/120’).


Impulse fans AF3-JPCHT are used in the forced ventilation of car parks, to remove the most common pollutions (ex. CO) and in case of emergency (fire), it activates to prevent and restrict the damages to people and objects: creating escape routes from toxic smokes, preventing the propagation in the adjacent zones etc.
Impulse fan AF3-JPCHT has the main characteristic to be ductless, offering a series of advantages as:

  • remarkable saving in times and costs of installation;
  • saving in running costs, possibility to ventilate or extract only specific areas of the garage, where it is effectively required;
  • ease of removal with consequent lower costs of maintenance or displacement of the plant.

AF3-JPCHT have been designed and manufactured in accordance with the European Directive EN 12101-3 obtaining the certification by an independent certification body.

This line is suitable to S1 service (continuous operation) at the temperature of 40°C and S2 service in case of emergency (fire) at the temperature of 300°C for 120 minutes (F300).
The notion of double operation is exactly translated by the term “dual purpose” introduced in this case by the Directive EN 12101-3.


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