Volume control dampers

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The WR Series dampers are steel volume control dampers for circular duct. They find their application in control, regulation, balancing and calibration of the air distribution net.

Technical data

  • Damper frame in galvanized steel sheet with stiffening ribs
  • Sheet thickness 8/10 for WR5 and WR6 models, 10/10 for WR7 and 15/10 for WR8
  • Duct flanges frame of 30 mm for WR7 and WR8 models
  • Minimum and maximum dimensions:
    • from Ø 100 up to Ø 315 mm for WR5
    • from Ø 300 up to Ø 600 mm for WR6
    • from Ø 350 up to Ø 600 mm for WR7
    • from Ø 600 up to Ø 710 mm for WR8
  • Fixing by coupling (WR5 WR6) or with flanges (WR7 WR8)
  • Hand control pin square 8 mm for WR5 model circular 12 mm for WR6 WR7 models and circular 18 mm for WR8 model
  • Motorised control pin, 12 mm circular for WR5 WR6 WR7 and 18 mm circular for WR8
  • Manual control aside
  • Servomotor available already installed on demand
  • Operative temperature from 0 up to +150 °C



WR-5 WR-6

WR-5 WR-6 WR-7 WR-8

WR-7 WR-8



Loss of load – ∆p [Pa]

Sound power – Lw [dBa]

WR-5 WR-6 WR-7 WR-8

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