Floor diffusers

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The new UP0 series consists of a range of pedestrian grilles suitable for both air supply and extraction. The physical strength is the best attainable in aluminum and is certified to UNI EN 13264 certification “light “class. On a 600x600mm grille a weight of 450kg can be supported without the risk of collapsing and up to 150Kg without damage to the grille. This strength makes the new UP0 Series pedestrian grilles the safest solution for environments where trolleys are used, like restaurants, offices, places like sport centres and other similar public places.

Technical data

  • Standard sizes from 200x100 to 1200x600 mm
  • Structure and anodized aluminum fins
  • Version for vertical throw (UP0) or 15 ° throw angle (UP1)
  • Damper contrasting galvanized steel can be provided separately (SCUP)
  • Separately available galvanized steel dustbin (UPR) available for base length equal or more than 300mm


  • Model UP...AB: walkable simple nozzle with fixed height
  • Model UP...AP: walkable simple nozzle with adjustable height
  • Model UP...AC: walkable grille frame with fixed height
  • Model UP...AT: Adjustable nozzle walked with frame

The jets with base longer than 600mm are supplied with double span frame, basket and damper divided into two parts.