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General conditions of sale and payment

1. Acceptance of customerís order

The present contract of sale will be considered executed only after the occured delivery of goods or after the receipt of orderís confirmation, which must be properly signed by the customer. Orders are subject to our general conditions of sale, unless otherwise established written agreement. The purchase conditions specifically proposed in writing by the customer, do not bind in any way MP3 Srl and they are overridden by our General Conditions of sale.

2. Terms and conditions of payment

Payments must be done exclusively to our head office and only the MP3 Srl receipt is considered valid, also for all that concerns the payment chargeability. Conditions of payment are those stated time after time in each Order Confirmation. In case of failure of one agreed condition and/or term of payment and/or occurence of situation that undermine MP3 Srl trust in the custumer, will give our company the right to:
immediatly require the payment of all the credits due to forfeiture of time limit; and/or suspend the supplies in progress or complete them only in return of advanced payment or adeguate bank guarantees; and/or withdraw from further drawn up contracts with that customer and to suspend the negotiations with him; and/or dissolve the contract according to the law art.1456 c.c. and claim the refund of each suffered damages caused by customerís failure.

3. Prices

The prices specified in the MP3 Srl price list can be modified without notice and always refer to goods not packaged and dispatched by Mp3 Srl warehouses. Any kind of prospective packaging asked by the customer will be invoiced at customer self cost.

4. Products

All the products signed with an * are not manufacturated by MP3 Srl and they are therefore supplied with the manufacturerís documentation.

5. Splitting of the order

All orders will be cleared in one single shipment, unless agreed otherwise.

6. Delivery Terms - Shipment Costs - Transfer of Risks.

The delivery date, as stated in the relative Order confirmation, is merely indicative. The late return of the signed Orderís Confirmation to MP3 Srl by the customer, implies the delay of the goods Delivery Date. No Penalty clauses for the delay in goods delivery could be recognised to MP3 Srl, unless a previous written acceptance of penalty clauses by MP3 Srl.
All goods are dispatched by MP3 Srl warehouses, other than different written agreement. All the possible transport and/or shipment costs are charged in customer invoice.
The goods delivery to customer or to haulier (also in departure from the rule art. 1523 c.c.) implies the transfert of risk to the costumer even if the transportation (to customer or to a MP3 warehouse) or part of it is taken care by MP3 Srl itself and the consequent cost is charged in customerís invoice bill.
If the customer does not provide for the collection of goods in the agreed terms, or does not give to MP3 Srl the correct shipment instructions, within the transfert of risk to the customer, MP3 Srl will have the right to be refunded for all the goods conservation beared costs by the customer and, anyway, it will ship them at the agreed delivery place without being obliged of giving any particular notice.

7. Force majeure

In case of force majeure the supply of goods will be suspended until the impediment has be eliminated or to decide to cancell the delivery, as detained right of MP3 Srl totally free discretion.

8. Conditional sale

The transfert of property of the goods is occured by the payment of the whole amount established by contract according to the law rule art. 1523 c.c., freely from the time of the delivery of the goods and from the time of assumption of risk.

9. Complaints and cancellation or partial or total modification of order

The purchaser has to give written communication to the MP3 Srl Head Office in Camposampiero (PD) for any possible complaints or any quarrels concerning the goods supplied, within 5 days from the date of receipt. Even if the goods are packed at the time of delivery, is up to the customer the duty of inspectioning the goods received and to communicate to MP3 Srl within the terms described upon any compaints and querrels. Any customerís modification of order should be required within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the order from MP3 Srl. The order received by MP3 Srl, also by phone, can not be cancelled, other then previously authorization by MP3 Srl Head Office. In any case it will not be accepted partial or fully cancellation concerning goods expressively build-up on demand.

10. Return of goods

Return of goods is not accepted. Possible return of goods have to be authorized by MP3 Srl and must be send to MP3 Srl warehouse in Camposampiero (PD), Via G. La Pira 9 A-B. The authorized returns of goods will be added a 50% of the selling price as refound of the stocking, goods control, and administrative procedures costs.

11. Abide by law - Jurisdiction - Law court

The stipulated contracts with MP3 Srl are subjected to Italian Law Authority.
Any querrel that should rise from the interpretation, fulfilment, not-fulfilment, execution or dissolving of stipulated contracts with MP3 Srl and any problem related to that, will be subjected to Italian jurisdiction and only the Padova law court will be the competent one.