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Floor Diffusers
TE-KP Series


The TE-KP series floor diffusers belong to the under-chair diffuser category; ideal for places where the best comfort levels are desired both in temperature and acoustics. Cinemas, theatres and conference halls are some examples. The TE-KP series diffusers are equipped with a supporting ring (two versions area available: for supported floors and concrete floors) that allows ease of access to the internal components for cleaning and maintenance and guarantees an even surface to walk on without the risk of tripping on uneven surfaces or dirt settling on the diffuser. The diffusers can be installed directly into the supported floor or attached to a plenum under the diffuser.


Technical characteristics

The TE-KP series diffusers are formed by:

  • Grilled plate
  • Diffuser with fan blades
  • Regulation shutter (optional, ordered with dust collecting bin)
  • Supporting ring for installation on raised floors
  • Supporting ring for concrete floors (alternative)
  • Plenum in steel (optional, used for installation in raised floors, not sealed)



Model TE-KP125 TE-KP160 TE-KP225
P 199 199 256
E 220 220 278
A 123 158 223
H 90 125 125
C 130 160 230
HF 33 73 73

Order Codes

Order code
Standard Diffuser
Diffuser with stainless steel grilled plate
Dust collection basket
Shutter for basket
Supporting ring for raised floors
Supporting ring for concrete floors
Galvanized sheet Plenum with Ř125 connection