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USP Series


USP series filter holder grilles for counterceiling, are used for air intake, allow the replacement of the filter by using a "push-pull" closing mechanism.
The combination hinges and the ‘push-pull’ devise, all hidden from view, allows the filter to be changed without the use of tools.
The standard area of use of these diffusers is between 2.6 m and 4 m in height.



Technical data

  • Anodized aluminium frame construction or white RAL 9010 (onlu RAL 9010 for US-L)
  • Flat filter 15 mm thickness mod. FP15 aside supplied
  • Avaiable versions:
    • USP-R screen with inclined fins in aluminium:
    • USP-Q0 screen with square mesh in aluminium
    • USP-Q4 screen with angled square mesh in aluminium
    • USP-L screen with perforated sheet steel.


Square Mesh
Inclined Fins