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UR Series


The UR Series units are residential extract grilles filterframe with 58°degree inclined fixed blades. They are generally used in wall aspiration.


Technical data

  • Standard dimensions from 200x100 up to 1.000x600 mm
  • Practicable special dimensions on demand
  • Model UR silver anodized aluminium construction grille
  • Galvanized steel filterframe frame construction
  • 15 mm polyester filtering septum model FR15
  • Filterframe frame construction joint with hinges, screws, magnets or knobs
  • Series variants:
    • Mod. UR2 e UQ2: Superior hinges, inferior magnets joint
    • Mod. UR3 e UQ3: Superior hinges, inferior screws joint
    • Mod. UR4 e UQ4: Superior hinges, inferior knobs joint
    • Mod. UR5 e UQ5: Dimension 600x600, superior/inferior screws or knobs joint
    • Mod. UR21 e UQ21: Superior/inferior by clips joint
    • Mod. UR22 e UQ 22: Superior/inferior magnets joint
    • Mod. UR23 e UQ 23: Superior/inferior screws joint
    • Mod. UR24 e UQ 24: Superior/inferior knobs