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Circular diffusers
KU5-KU6-KU8 Series


The KU5, KU6 and KU8 Series units are circular diffusers with aluminium adjustable cones. These diffusers are both apt to supply, heating and cooling applications and they are ceiling installed.


Technical data

  • Available diameters from 100 up to 630 mm for KU5 model
  • Available diameters from 100 up to 315 mm for KU6 and KU8 models
  • RAL 9010 aluminium white painted construction
  • Included butterfly damper for KU8 model
  • Regolation by micrometric screw of each cone
  • ABS regulation for KU6 and KU8 models
  • Damper regulation for KU8 model through screwdriver frontally to the diffuser
  • Installation height between 2,6 and 6,0 m
  • Air capacity from 40 up to 5.600 m3/h
  • Fixing by sideways screws directly on the duct connection or onto the plenum
  • Aside available equalizer, butterfly and collecting damper for KU5 and KU6 models
  • Galvanized steel Plenum with or without damper, equalizer and insulation