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Multidirectional diffusers
KNP Series


The diffusers KNP has a solution for the flow of air contained interesting both in terms of fluid from both the architecture.
Compared to traditional small diffuser mounted on the panel, in fact, in the KNP diffuser flow is distributed on the external slots thus creating a wider launch that promotes adhesion to the ceiling. The smooth panel center, also echoes the line of giving a false appearance of with very clean and ordered.


Technical data

  • Easily assembled in modular (595x595)
  • Air flow rate from 150 to 1,300 m³ / h
  • Made of aluminum and carbon steel coated RAL 9010
  • Configuration with one, two or three slots.
  • The central part is removable
  • Fixing Channel fixed by screws hidden side of the neck of the diffuser
  • Damper in galvanized steel attached directly opposite movement to the speaker on the neck of the diffuser with clips
  • Plenum sheet of carbon steel with detachment back, or side