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Steel product
CL-GH100Z Serie


The external louvres are suitable for exhaust and inlet air; the louvre can be mounted in outside wall with a sub-frame.


Technical data

  • Frame in galvanised steel, thickness 1,5 mm
  • Blades in galvanised steel, thickness 1,0 mm with waterproof profile
  • Distance between blades 100 mm
  • Pressure loss tested in accordance to UNI CTI 8728
  • Acoustic data tested in accordance to UNI EN 25135


  • Installation sub-frame in galvanised steel, thickness 2,0 mm, L profile 30 x 35 mm;
  • CL-GHR 50Z : with wire mesh 10x10x1,0 mm;


  • CL-GH 100X :in stainless steel AISI 304;
  • Painted;
  • CL-GHR 100X :in stainless steel AISI and wire mesh;
  • N.B To specify in order.