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Smoke Extraction


Three specific catalogues have been produced, aimed at the presentation of standard products.

Part 1: Industrial

Part 2: Automotive

These products are suitable for the extraction of fumes created by welding and oil and of other general fumes:

  • Self-supporting articulated arms with 50mm up to 200mm diameters and lengths between 700mm and 8.000mm including a “flag-type” extension.
  • Rails with a rectangular section to allow to slide the trolleys on which the 150mm and 200mm diameter arms are attached.
  • Extraction benches from 1.000mm up to 3.000mm

This line of products is aimed at the extraction of automotive exhaust fumes including trucks and/or military and/or special vehicles:

  • Mechanical or motorised Reels (with control panel or remote control) with diameters starting from 75mm up to 200mm
  • Rails both in extruded aluminium and with steel pressed cover to allow the sliding of the reels and/or duct holding trolleys.
  • Accessories for exhaust fumes extraction.